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Sunday, October 18, 2009

:: Another Gift ::

Ini lg satu perfume yg aku dapat after my kazen bg.. dis is from someone yg penah be part in my life b4 dis..emmm..off record la. yup2, btw thx! dis perfume also wangi, n i love it too! juz foor women..emm..bau lembut..then kekal dr pg smpai ptg!

Botol kiut! tgk tuan la kot..hahaha.. :P

I love perfume..n collect dis botol2 even dh abis guna but only 4 da certain product, brand n bottles! i have 1 Hypnose tp dh abis..then nk beli lg pastu my poket tgh kering..so agak tersangkut.. nt lah..dont know when..hurmmm....

My mom ada beli 1 lg perfume..LOVE Purple.. yup wangi sgt! but...i cant used it..coz it will refresh my mind to my sis becoz my mom beli dat perfume 4 her..not me..haha.. :P jahat my mom..berat sebelah..masa tu die pegi kursus at somewhere..then she buyed perfume for my sis..ouch mom, very2 wangi la..why xbeli 4 me too! she answerd..she dont know dat i want perfume, coz ak xmention pd die..nk mention cmne mama, me kn kt srwk..xtaw pun mama g kursus lorh...hukhuk.. tp xpe, xjd nk majuk lama2 coz she still buyed me somthig! yes, i got ladies blouse! the important thing, ada top! hahaha..weee~ thx mom, u know i love bju yg ada top! white colour? ouch, sshnye nk jaga.. ^__^

p/s : Thx mom, thx my kazen, thx someone..owez rmember me whrever u r..wherver u go..wherever whenever by shakira..hahaha!

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